Hokko Life will enter Early Access next month

Hokko life will enter early access next month

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Hondersko Life from Wonderscape, the PC answer to Animal Crossing, will enter Early Access next month.

The game had a moment in the spotlight just before the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons last year, despite having only a trailer and the promise of an early release at some point in the year. Next. It has all the hallmarks of Nintendo's cozy social sim: a quaint city, your own home to decorate, and quirky animal residents so you can top up.

Hokko Life puts its own pizzazz into some other aspects. When last year's trailer fell, one of the main attractions was the level of furniture customization. Adding details like cushions to the chairs and controlling the colors of different pieces and bobs, Hokko Life offers important customization. Place the furniture diagonally and you will have all the interior designers salivating (including me).

The new trailer also features some things we hadn't seen before, such as changing seasons and placing outdoor furniture. The artistic style is also slightly modified with the ad trailer, with a more refined look and a reduction of what were previously comically large heads for animal residents. The whole trailer is filled with the kind of cozy, fun vibes I expect from this kind of game, and it should scratch that Animal Crossing itch for those with and without New Horizons.

Hokko Life enters Steam Early Access on June 2nd. Rachel last year we interviewed creator Robert Tatnall to talk about the origins of the game and what we can expect from the game in the future.

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