Horizon Forbidden West is reportedly delayed until 2022

Here are 14 minutes of horizon forbidden west, which will probably hit pc someday

Horizon Forbidden West has not yet been announced for PC, but we're sure it will eventually happen anyway. Sony has made no secret of its commitment to first-hand games, such as Death Stranding, Days Gone and Forbidden West's predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn. Even the famous Uncharted, PlayStation exclusive, is apparently heading to PC at some point. That’s why it’s worth noting that the PlayStation’s Forbidden West version would have been delayed in early 2022, which inevitably pushed the PC’s arrival even further.

A rumor about the delay first appeared earlier this week when Jeff Grubb said during his Giant Bomb show (via GamesRadar) that Sony "opted to" delay the game until next year, although, as I understood it, the matter had not really been resolved. According to one Bloomberg report released today, however, the decision has already been made and Horizon Forbidden West has been delayed.

The delay may reach 2022, which is already becoming a monster year for PC games, to be even bigger. It was scheduled to be memorable based only on the planned versions, with new games like Starfield, Stalker 2, Elden Ring and Baldur & # 39; s Gate 3, but a lot of delays have driven it even further: Ghostwire: Tokyo, Rainbow Six Extraction, Gotham Knights, Hogwart's Legacy, Sifu, Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Kerbal Space Program 2, Stray and more have been expelled from 2021.

The delay has not been officially confirmed at this time, and even if (or when) it does not necessarily mean that we will see Horizon Forbidden West on PC in 2022 – as with Horizon Zero Dawn, which was released in PC three years after its original PS4 release, Forbidden West could be years back. In June, PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst said that despite interest in the PC, Sony would continue to prioritize its own consoles: "Publishing PC games will never come at the expense of building an exciting line of great console games ".

But Horizon Forbidden West is not exclusive to PlayStation 5: it also comes to the PS4, which, perhaps with optimism, could mean that a relatively distant PC version is also up and running. I have contacted Guerrilla Games to ask about the delay and will update if I receive a response.

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