Horror Game Roblox: Scary Game In Roblox 2021

Horror game roblox: scary game in roblox 2021

Horror Game Roblox: Even though today is not Friday night, it is still interesting to discuss horror horror. Roblox is classified as a child’s play. But there are also developers who make horror games. Playing horror games can train your heart, you know.

The best horror game Roblox 2021

Horror game roblox: scary game in roblox 2021

Most people don’t think of playing Roblox games as long as a truly gruesome gaming experience. Roblox is packed with unique horror games that can scare almost anyone.

Here are 5 of the best horror game Roblox 2021
1. Horror Game Roblox: Horror elevator

This one game is a horror game on Roblox, you know. Although you could say the horror is mild. But this game has a lot of jumpscare, you know! so this game is not recommended for those of you who have heart disease.

Because it can endanger yourself, you know, gang. If why don’t blame the admin, guys. This game requires us to survive in the elevator or haunted elevator.

You will randomly enter the room. In each room has a different ghost. Usually, the ghosts in each room will chase you and immediately kill you.

2. Horror Game Roblox: Grandma

Surely you already know and are already familiar with this one game. Because this game is also on the PlayStore. And some gamers on YouTube have played Granny games too.

Now this one happens to be Grandma but the ROBLOX version. So reduce the horror of this game. Because we play Multiplayer. However, this game is still a horror game on Roblox because it is actually an adaptation of the horror game Granny.

This game is still filled with horror, sometimes it makes you nervous, but Jumpscare in this game doesn’t exist yet.

3. :Horror Game Roblox: Escape from the facility

PLEASE! The beast is trying to catch me!
Yes, this game has been discussed on this website, Robloxian! We cover again in detail in this article. Yes, the Flee facility is one of the horror games on ROBLOX.

In this game, players must survive in a place (according to the voting place) where 4 players will be the Survivors, and 1 player will become the Beast. The wild beast chased and caught the Victims in that place.

To succeed and escape from the place, the Survivors must hijack the five computers in that place. After the five computers are hijacked, the doors in the area can be opened, and the Survivor is free from the place.

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4. Horror Game Roblox: Island 2

This game is very similar to the game The Forest. Like the forest in this game, we also have to survive. This game is unique, because it has an open world system. Why is this game a horror game? Yes, this game is a horror game because at night you will be attacked by many monsters.

In fact, this game stands out more from Survival than its Horror. But the atmosphere and content felt like horror. So we can classify this as a Horror-Survival game.

5. Horror Game Roblox: Stop It Slender 2

If there used to be Grandma, now there’s Slenderman. Yes, according to the original Granny game story, Granny is Slenderman’s wife and has a child named Slenderina. At the Stop it slender we have to turn on 3 generators somewhere and collect 8 sheets of paper.

This game is an outdoor horror game because most of the maps are outdoors. This game has quite a lot of jumpscare frequency, so it is not recommended for players with heart disease and trauma to jumpscare.

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I think it’s like a horror game on roblox. For those of you brave Robloxians, please try the games above.

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