How to Play Fortnite on Android 2021

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How to Play Fortnite on Android. Imagine a battle royale match with three players remaining: Epic Games, Apple and Google. Epic Games started the fight with the other two and did not back down. Apple and Google don’t really care about eliminating each other as neutralizing the threat posed by Epic Games.

Basically that’s what’s happening now, after Epic Games added a direct payment option in the Fortnite iOS and Android apps to avoid giving Apple and Google a 30 percent discount on in-app sales.

Of course, in this real-world example, the stakes are much higher than in any battle royale game: Advantages and legal precedent are at stake. If Epic wins the lawsuit, Epic could open the door for many other apps and games to offer in-app payment options right away as well.

Play Fortnite on Android and iOS

How to play fortnite on android 2021

So what does all of this mean for current and aspiring mobile Fortnite players? The short answer is that existing players who have the app installed can continue playing that version. New players on Android can sideload apps, but new Fortnite players on iOS don’t have that option.

Nothing has changed when it comes to Fortnite’s availability on other platforms like Windows, macOS (until August 28 at least), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. New players may want to start out to avoid this mess.

How to Play Fortnite on Android

Before Fortnite games hit the Google Play Store, Epic Games asked you to sideload the game to your device. Now that Google has removed it from its app store, the sideloadable version is once again relevant, especially for those who want the latest version of Fortnite.

Install the Epic Games Store application

Owners of any Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet can skip all of the steps below: Fortnite on Android is available for download directly from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Play Fortnite on Android. To install Fortnite from Epic Games on another Android device, follow these steps:

Go to the Fortnite on Android installation page. On non-Android devices, this page displays a QR code that you can scan with your phone. On Android, include the download link for the Epic Games app. Select that download link

The security command that says This file type can harm your device. Do you still want to save the .apk? will appear. Tap OK to close the prompt, then open the .apk file.

Your browser will display a message: For your safety, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source. Select the Settings option on this pop-up.

On the Install unknown apps page, turn on the Allow from this source option. Then, navigate back to the browser and press the Install option. After the installation is complete, click on the Open option on the pop-up.

In the Epic Games app, first tap on the Fortnite thumbnail then the Install button.

A pop-up similar to the one in step three will be displayed. Tap the Settings option again to give Epic Games app permission to install the app. After changing that setting, return to the Epic Games app and tap the Install option.

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Tap Open when installation is complete.

How to play fortnite on android 2021

You may need to give Fortnite some permissions and tap through the prompt warning you that the app was made for an older version of Android. Then you can log into your Epic account (or create a new one) and start playing.

Go back to your phone’s settings and revoke the ability of the Epic Games browser and app to install unknown apps.

We cannot stress enough the importance of revoking the ability to install unknown applications, especially for your mobile browser. You never know what website will try to download to your device if that capability is left unchecked. We recommend that you install an Android antivirus app to protect your device from malware and other malicious downloads. If you are not comfortable with these steps from a security point of view, there are many other excellent Android games that you download Fortnite on Android Google Play Store.

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