Hugo Barra, the highlight of Oculus, leaves Facebook

Hugo barra, the highlight of oculus, leaves facebook

Hugo Barra, vice president of Facebook Reality Labs and Oculus and Facebook partnerships, has left the company. At the company since 2017, Barra oversaw the development of Oculus Go, Quest and Quest 2, the company's most successful headphones to date.

"Some personal news: today is my last day at Facebook Reality Labs," Barra announced on his account Facebook page, "after 4 years working on projects that have been more exciting and more challenging than anything I have encountered in my career, with some of the brightest minds and kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

"… Looking back on what we've achieved with Oculus Go, Quest and Quest 2, I'm truly more than proud. And I'm just as excited about what's yet to come, starting this year with the release of Facebook 's smart glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban, which will begin connecting the dots on today's VR headsets to tomorrow' s AR glasses. "

According to reports, Facebook smart glasses are coming this year and are about to be the first RA glasses. However, the first pair, made in collaboration with Ray-Ban, will not offer an integrated screen, so it still can not be called AR glasses.

Barra says he will move into the space of healthcare technology after reflecting on the impact and response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

"I hope to be able to apply what I've learned from working in the consumer technology industry to help solve significant problems in the healthcare world. Looking forward to sharing sooner."

However, Facebook and Oculus will continue to score. Facebook 's next virtual reality project may be Oculus Quest Pro, which Andrew Bosworth, another vice president of Facebook Reality Labs, said was in process, though it shouldn’t be released this year.

Quest 2 owners may also be excited about the release of Resident Evil 4, which will be released sometime this year.

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