Humble Heal raises more than $ 1 million for Covid-19 charities

Humble heal raises more than $ 1 million for covid-19 charities

Humble Bundle’s recent “Humble Heal: COVID-19 Bundle” raised $ 1,170,824 (£ 825,000), it announced in a recent blog post.. Although the games were at the top of the pack, including independent hits like Superhot i Undertale, books and other programs were included inside.

The Humble Heal package, which was released in early May, was unique in that a fixed 100% of the money raised will go to Humble-nominated charities. The traditional Humble model divides revenue between the nominated charity, the publisher, and Humble, and buyers can choose how to split their money. However, with this package, all revenues should be divided equally between Direct Relief, Doctors Without Borders, International Medical Corps and GiveIndia.

“At a time when the country’s healthcare system is collapsing under the second wave of the pandemic and Indians are facing so much devastation, you have come forward and given us your hand to provide critically ill patients with help to save the life, meals for hungry families, and cash relief for low-income families who have lost a breadwinner to COVID-19, ”said Priyana Prakash, director of associations at GiveIndia in a statement to the humble community.

It’s certainly a bit positive for Humble Bundle, which recently faced a backlash from users after discreetly removing sliders that allowed users to adjust what percentages of their donation were for charity, publishers and to Humble himself. Instead, they provided two default options, both of which minimized charitable donations, which received rave reviews.

In response, they withdrew the change and apologized, it is true, in a statement suggesting that they would be experiencing similar changes in the future, only with more transparency. For now, these sliders are hidden under a drop-down menu, which doesn’t bode well.

At the time, critics of the Humble Bundle noted that the independent showcase hosted a major charity package last year with no profit. The package for racial justice and equality last June sold more than 814 thousand packages and raised more than $ 8.2 million for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and the Community Bail Fund.

The end result of these packages is significant support for charities that need them, as well as more games in our libraries from the developers who donated them. That can only be good.

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