IBM accused of pursuing "fast payday" with $ 2.5 million in damages against AMD's chip maker OG

Ibm accused of pursuing "fast payday" with $ 2. 5 million in damages against amd's chip maker og

GlobalFoundries, an outstanding member of AMD, is suing IBM for escaping the $ 2.5 billion in damages that Big Blue is trying to get out of it just before its initial public offering (IPO). This, he says, is the main driver of IBM's recent lawsuits, with the company just looking "a fast payday".

This is an agreement between GlobalFoundries and IBM since 2014, where the contract chip maker agreed to take over some old and unprofitable IBM manufacturers for $ 1.5 billion and some manufacturing return. GlobalFoundries would become IBM's exclusive chip maker for some of its parts in exchange for a take a peek at the other company’s extensive silicon IP.

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