If Valve doesn’t redo Team Fortress 2, these moderators will

If valve doesn’t redo team fortress 2, these moderators will

It’s no secret that the Fortress 2 team doesn’t have the love it should have in 2021. At age 14, continuous updates to Valve’s exceptional FPS have shrunk to the point of creeping up. Today’s TF2 is basically in maintenance mode, as they see occasional bug fixes and anti-bot updates from the supposedly small crew of Valve employees who are still working on it.

Instead of waiting for Valve to reinvest its energy in its beloved shooter, a team of moderators called Amper Software is taking the future of TF2 into their own hands. In code name Team Fortress: font 2, the project aims to recreate the entirety of TF2 in Valve's updated Source 2 engine (the same one that powers Dota 2, Half-Life: Alyx, Dota Underlords and the now defunct Artifact).

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