I'm happy to report that the Halo Infinite needle is whipping my ass

I'm happy to report that the halo infinite needle is whipping my ass

The sharpener never gets the respect it deserves. Halo fans have always been excited about the Halo 1 pistol and the battle rifle, the plasma sword or the Halo Reach grenade launcher or even the Covenant rifle, but hey, I love the needle. And it looks like the Halo Infinite combat designers do too, because after a couple of hours of practice with the multiplayer technical test, I think this could be the strongest the sharpener has ever had.

I love the from the point of view it sounds as it shoots a rapid sequence of purple crystals like a razor. I love that it gets a little messy, because I'm badly thrown. I love the excitement and tension of these needles that build up to a critical mass where they immediately explode and kill my target. To fire the needle is to bet that I will land enough needles to change their damage from powerful to powerful, rewarding me with that purple cloud of death.

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