In Ascension there is no DLSS and ray tracing in Game Pass, but not in Steam

In ascension there is no dlss and ray tracing in game pass, but not in steam

The Ascent is a cyberpunk action role-playing game with ray tracing and DLSS. Sometimes. This is sometimes a cyberpunk action RPG with ray tracing and no DLSS. Sometimes this implementation of the ray tracing may not work at all. And if you get this configuration from Nvidia, it all depends on where you access the PC version.

The Microsoft Game Pass version of The Ascent seems to be a lighter version than the version you can download right now from Steam. Both the DirectX 12 and DLSS ray tracing are front and center and work outside the digital box in the Valve showcase, but if you take The Ascent as part of the Game Pass subordinate, you will only be given separate direct access of the configuration image.

I’ve been running the game from my Steam library and it looks, and plays, great. I mean, it’s demanding, even though everything has become ultra, with shadows drawn by rays, reflections, and ambient (sic) occlusion skills. Even with DLSS in the quality settings and with 3440×1440, the On this machine, the GeForce RTX 3090 has a pressure between 75 and 90 fps.

Our Jacob, on the other hand, is living a world of pain with his Game Pass installation. On the one hand, there is no DLSS option, which has rarely been observed as a lack of a reddit thread where it is noted that it is not a platform feature of Windows 10 and only on Steam.

After DLSS .dll files are available through TechPowerUp, you will expect that it might just be a simple drag and drop to a specific binary file folder. Unfortunately, this is not how Game Pass games get to your PC. They are packaged as almost individual entities and although we could browse the folders, we were unable to add the necessary files and were told that there was not enough space to let them in, as if the game itself were a drive.

(Image credit: Neon Giant)

Looks like we'll have to wait for the developers, Neon Giant, to fix the Game Pass version to add DLSS, because right now there's no Nvidia AI support for your frame rates in the game.

What would be more of a problem if ray tracing really worked in the Microsoft version.

If I completely disable ray tracing on my system, the performance skyrockets immediately to match the 144Hz refresh rate on the screen because I have VSync enabled.

For Jacob, no matter whether or not he has ray tracing enabled, he still gets the same performance numbers and the screen image is no different. In short, we must assume that the ray tracing is also done in the version The Ascent Game Pass.

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Lightning-activated ascent on or off?

Lightning enabled? (Image credit: Neon Giant)
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Lightning-activated ascent on or off?

Did you draw the rays? (Image credit: Neon Giant)

Jacob uses an AMD RX 6900 XT, but we’ve already seen it tests of the same thing with Nvidia machines it also runs from a Game Pass account, so it’s not a case of red versus green.

I mean, I'm sure he can still play, and the world of The Ascent looks pretty, in a sandy cyberpunk way, with no ray tracking enabled. But it’s really weird that we have two different versions of the game that actually run on the same platform. All we can assume is that Neon Giant had to get an earlier version of the game from Microsoft for the first day's availability of the Game Pass, and is better able to deliver updated versions via Steam.

Whatever it is, it’s weird. While it is true that it has no precedent with Game Pass.

At least with Nier: Automata it was the other way around, and the Steam version was the broken version that time. Still, different showcases on the same platform I should not they have different versions of the same game. We haven’t been able to find any confirmation that a future DLSS patch will occur, but here we expect to receive some updates over the weekend for our Game Pass teammates.

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