In Dice Legacy, the city builder, the dice eat, drink and have sex in a medieval world

In dice legacy, the city builder, the dice eat, drink and have sex in a medieval world

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I recently wrote a short summary of independent city builders with interesting twists that had caught my eye. And what turned his head the most was Legacy of dice, mainly because it takes place in a medieval annular world. I have seen many worlds science fiction rings, but never old ones, with crisp wooden boats and cozy taverns and peasants working in the wheat fields. It's a whole concept.

Also, Dice Legacy is not just a city builder, but a survival roguelike builder. And it’s all done with dice rolls, but the dice don’t not more daus. The dice are your citizens. They can work. They can fight. They can explore and level up. They can be injured, frozen and killed. If it’s hard to get your head around it, the previous new game trailer should make more sense.

Essentially, it starts with a handful of dice, each of which is a citizen (for starters, a farmer, although education can change that). Rolling the dice will show what each farmer can do: pick up wood, pull out iron, build something, fight, explore. Each task requires time and, to perform another task, you will need to roll the dice again. But each roll reduces the durability of each dice, so you’ll need to be careful not to let them expire, perhaps letting them rest in the kitchen with a plate of ham.

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Yes, your dice can eat and even drink, such as when you put them in the tavern with a cup of beer. If you build a house, you can leave two dice in it and they will produce a third. Is it the first game your dice have sex with?

You will have to expand the borders of your village to dispel the fog that covers the mysterious world of rings, and your dice are not alone here: the enemies will try to set fire to your buildings and steal your resources, so you will have to create soldier dice to protect yourself.

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Turning peasants into citizens by building a school will also allow you to research and unlock new technologies. And this ring world has seasons with harsh winters that can freeze your little dice into ice cubes. There’s also a little more Frostpunkiness, as you can build an impressive wood-burning generator to keep your dice warm in the winter, and you have a board that will pass new laws every season.

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