Inkle reveals more about his next project and says it's more "playful"

Inkle reveals more about his next project and says it's more "playful"

The next big game from Inkle, creator of 80 Days and this year's magnificent Overboard, has no name yet. The studio calls it simply a "highland game", a beautiful platform game with narrative elements set in the Scottish Highlands.

The developer has posted updates about creating the game on its website, in an attempt to be more transparent about the development cycle than ever before. It's fascinating to see the team discuss the first prototypes and delve deeper into their process.

I recently spoke with Jon Ingold and Joseph Humfrey, co-founders of Inkle, about the creation of Overboard, and it took me a while to ask them about the Highland game and how they think it’s being set up.

A girl walking through the scottish highlands

(Image credit: Inkle)

“That’s complicated,” Humfrey says. "What's interesting about this game is that it's exactly the opposite of Overboard, as we try to take a more open development approach. Since we finished Overboard, everything has started to go much faster, because everyone is back writing and development are accelerating now, which is exciting. "

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