Intel announces Amazon and Qualcomm as its first casting customers

Intel announces amazon and qualcomm as its first casting customers

Intel has announced the first customers for its new foundry business, as it aims to compete with TSMC and Samsung in contracting chip manufacturing. Amazon has signed up for its data center infrastructure, and Qualcomm has come to terms with the promised Intel 20A process node in 2024.

With Qualcomm chasing the most advanced node on Intel’s roadmap, CEO Pat Gelsinger wanted to point out that the technology available to Intel Foundry Services (IFS) will come on par, or at least shortly after its own products.

Intel "will make the best of Intel available to our foundry customers," says Gelsinger, adding that "IFS is out of the running."

Okay, so maybe it's not as big news as Intel would have started making the next generation of Apple M1 CPUs or if AMD had decided to give Intel some business. But these are still two names we’ve at least heard of.

There were those who hoped that Intel's first customers, who would take a point in the company's growing foundry business, would end up being a small, unnamed chip designer. But while we won’t see the chips built by Amazon into consumer devices, we’ll probably see Qualcomm’s future technology on tomorrow’s mobile devices.

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New intel foundry partners

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New intel foundry partners

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In addition to announcing its first casting customers at the Intel Accelerated event, CEO Pat Gelsinger also unveiled his brand new naming scheme for manufacturing process nodes, with the goal of matching its foundry rival, TSMC, node by node.

Not only that, but Intel has also introduced RibbonFET, its first new transistor design since Tri-Gate, or FinFET in 2011. RibbonFET is also known as Gate All Around, or NanoSheet, and will represent some serious performance improvements for watt with Intel 20A node.

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