Intel fails to sue judge for $ 2.18 million in damages for CPU patent infringement

Intel fails to sue judge for $ 2. 18 million in damages for cpu patent infringement

Intel still owes $ 2.18 million in damages to VLSI Technology LLC after failing to force a district judge in Waco, Texas, to overturn a previous verdict and issue a new lawsuit. Fortunately for Intel, such a massive payment can be afforded, though it could potentially be stuck five times as long, depending on how other legal battles go.

At the root of this problem are claims for patent infringement filed by VLSI, after taking possession of several IP technologies that were previously owned by NXP Semiconductors, a Dutch chip manufacturing company that came out from Philips in 2006. VLSI, a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group, does not actually manufacture or sell any products, but has some seemingly lucrative patents.

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