Intel is building its Xe-HPG GPU drivers to face AMD and Nvidia in their own game

It looks like intel's new xe gaming gpu is finished and ready to go

After Intel announced its upcoming discrete Xe-HPG GPUs, which now have the Arc brand, updates have been coming quickly and quickly. The last strip, described in a recent Intel Medium summary release details some juicy developments in its "graphics history", including plans to integrate overclocking controls and a game capture feature into the Arc GPU driver's user interface .

"Many gamers are also creators," says Intel, "so we're developing robust capture capabilities that take advantage of our powerful encoding hardware. They include a virtual camera with artificial intelligence assistance and featured featured games that let you they keep the best moments. We're even integrating overclocking controls into the driver's user interface to provide enthusiasts with the tools they need to push hardware to the limit. "

These upcoming high-performance GPUs all look great it will compete with AMD and Nvidia and turn the graphics landscape into a three-way death match. Rumors place the first chip in the Intel Alchemist series (formerly known as DG2) alongside Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3070 in terms of gross performance, a high benchmark to beat. And with the easy overclocking now promised, these cards are likely to end up being the dream of an Intel enthusiast.

A short video game teaser for the GPUs thrilled us last week; even Metro: Exodus was highlighted, and looked super bright with this real-time ray tracing acceleration that Intel is promoting. In fact, it is entirely possible for images to be captured with the company’s own integrated game capture feature. It is unclear at what stage it is currently, so we cannot say for sure.

What we do know is alongside Intel's plethora of promises, including AI-accelerated Super Sampling (Intel XeSS), real-time ray tracking, variable speed shading, & # 39; 39; mesh shading and DirectX12 Ultimate.

And now, with handy features like OC control and game capture, there are growing reasons to switch to a full-fledged Intel PC by 2022 … That is, if the first round of GPU Arc Alchemist isn’t 'exhausts in three minutes or less.

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