Intel is happy to build bridges with former Mac partner Apple

Intel is happy to build bridges with former mac partner apple

In a recent call with Intel's Ryan Shrout about the performance of its 11th-generation H-series laptop processors, he took a moment to throw some seriousness into Apple's way. It actually cast a shadow as if it were going out of style, as AMD, ARM, and Apple get a little out of it. Maybe Intel just doesn't like the beginning of the alphabet? However, most of the exasperation was reserved for his old beast, Apple.

According to Intel, a Mac's poor gaming experience makes its own devices superior. A feeling that I can definitely leave behind, but it’s still amazing to know that it comes from Intel.

Nor was it an inactive boast, Intel has launched some research behind its sentiment. Not only is Apple's Mac trash using Apple's own M1 silicon, which is obviously inferior to Intel's, but more than half of the most popular games don't even run on the platform.

(Image credit: Intel)

What about emulators, I hear you ask? Yes, they had it covered too. By showing Valheim running frighteningly through Parallels: trees that appear non-existent, textures appear and disappear. It wasn't pretty.

Not satisfied with this, he produced this slide:

(Image credit: Intel)

The red of this graphic is actually an Intel-powered MacBook Pro, which uses a Core i9 9980HK next to an AMD Radeon Pro 5600M to be exact, compared to the Core i5 11400H next to a GeForce RTX 3060 Try, if necessary, that PCs are better. Making Intel set aside the slide on computers that offer better gaming experiences than 100% of Mac laptops.

Here’s an underlying theme that games are no longer a niche. That even among creators who have bought a laptop to work with, continue to play. So the fact of not being able to play properly on a Mac means that Apple should probably give up and go home.

(Image credit: Intel)

To be fair, playing on a Mac is absolutely a waste and not something I would want to do. But I’m still amazed that Intel is so angry about it all. I even wondered if Intel was burning its bridges with Apple? The answer was that Apple has been very public about its own silicon and is now a competitor. It's all about love and war, I guess.

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