Intel looks at frame rate technology for Intel Xe-HPG gaming GPUs

Intel looks at frame rate technology for intel xe-hpg gaming gpus

Intel's own Raja Koduri has said the company is interested in improving frame rate technology, such as AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution, to increase the frames of upcoming Intel Xe-HPG gaming graphics cards.

In response to Kyle Bennett, formerly of HardOCP, Koduri says that Intel is “definitely looking at it [AMD FSR],” but also that Intel will explore open approaches to improving quality and performance with similar techniques.

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FidelityFX Super Resolution is AMD's answer Nvidia DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling. AMD has basically been a large-scale technology with official details, so our current understanding is largely derived from a patent.

What we do know is that AMD will offer open source and cross-vendor FSR. This means it works on AMD cards i From Nvidia. In fact, it should work on almost any graphics chip, which means Intel is not only happy to look for the solution, but its Xe GPUs should be compatible.

Aside from the technical aspects, AMD will release FidelityFX Super Resolution later this month, on June 22, and is looking for suggestions on which games will work.

As for the Intel Xe-HPG graphics card, it looks like it's still on its way to the end of this year. More Koduri Tweets suggest they are well on their way to final production: the latest image of Intel's DG2 GPU in an EU 512 configuration, which Koduri alludes to has gone from "nervous to smooth travel" .

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