The Fortnite Chapter 2: Interesting Facts About Game Fortnite Chapter 2

Interesting facts about the fortnite chapter 2

The Fortnite Chapter 2. Epic Games has recently made an upgrade to their flagship battle royale game. This game is Fornite which has been played by many people from all over the world. Here are some interesting facts about Fortnite Chapter 2

This time, players can enjoy the latest update which has made a big change to the game since 6/15. Not only does it present a new map for players.

About The Fortnite Chapter 2

Interesting facts about the fortnite chapter 2

Epic Games also presents various other interesting features that add to your excitement when playing.

On this occasion, we will provide some interesting facts that will be present in Fortnite Chapter 2 this time. What are some things that make Fortnite even more interesting? Here it is, see the article below properly.

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5 Interesting Facts About The Fortnite Chapter 2!

1. Presenting a new Map

After experiencing a disastrous Black Hole event that ended season 10 and a new beginning for The Fortnite Chapter 2, this game presents a new map for its players.

At least, there are 13 new maps that you can explore, such as Misty Meadows, Frenzy Farm, Sweaty Sands, Slurpy Swamps and various other locations.

The biomes that are presented in this game also include snowy mountains, barren land, swamps and various other interesting biomes.

Do not rule out, the state of the map in this game will also change along with changes that occur in Fortnite as happened in the previous game season.

2.Gameplay is more impressive

The Fortnite Chapter 2 also presents an increasingly impressive and interesting game.

Now you can hide in a haystack to give a surprise attack or detonate a gas tank near your enemies to defeat them.

Now you can also fight in watery areas. Especially with the presence of vehicles such as motorboats, it is possible to have chase battles on water such as rivers or lakes.

3. There is a new feature

The Fortnite Chapter 2 also presents a new feature that makes this game more interesting than ever.

If previously your friend was shot, now you can carry them to a safe place to heal.

This new feature allows you to have someone who acts as support to save team members when they are about to be killed.

Not only that, those of you who like to play alone will also be lucky with this new feature that allows you to return to the Battle Royale area after being killed.

4. Many areas are filled with water

The most visible change in The Fortnite Chapter 2 is that there are lots of areas filled with water.

Previously, the area filled with water was one of the obstacles for you to move freely. But now Fortnite Chapter 2 brings a lot of new things with water covered by water.

Players can do various activities such as swimming, using a motor boat that can shoot weapons, and even fishing.

Interestingly, you can catch fish that will equip you with effects such as adding blood and getting resources. You will also get the opportunity to get rare weapons when fishing.

5. Weapons are increasingly diverse

Fortnite has finally added a line of weapons that players can use in this game, one of which is the Bandage Bazooka.

As you can tell by name, this weapon will provide additional blood to the player who was hit by the shot. Of course this weapon will really help you when playing with the Squad.

There is also a new feature that allows you to upgrade the weapons you have.

Later, you will find Benches that you can use to upgrade weapons in the game by exchanging your resources.

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So, those are some interesting facts that are present in Fortnite Chapter 2 this time. With the Blackhole disaster, finally a big change occurred in this popular game. Surely this is an interesting update, right?

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