It’s PUBG free week, go get chicken

It’s pubg free week, go get chicken

PUBG: Battlegrounds defines it as a genre free to play this week, all week, on Steam. This festival, which takes place every year, is not the best time to really get on a plane and jump on it and kill everyone you know, one in which you are guaranteed that a good part of the people you know will never have it either. done too. You've probably heard of this game before. (Tip: formerly called Playerunknown & # 39; s Battlegrounds).

The free week runs from August 9th at 2pm PDT until August 16th at 2pm PDT.

This year PUBG Free Week is accompanied by a nice little event to help you compete. Fashion competition, at the very least: By completing goals like long-distance skydiving, getting excited, and staying alive for 200 minutes, you can grab a great outfit like a cheetah-print t-shirt or red wide-leg pants.

If you buy the game later, all your progression and free week clothes will be moved. Fashion!

Playerunknown & # 39; s Battlegrounds has been in the news lately for changing its name to PUBG: Battlegrounds, which is a bit weird, and for partnering with the monstrously popular kpop group Blackpink. Fashion!

So get out there and Plunk some bats or PUB some Gs or whatever you do on this island with all these weapons. It’s probably fun if it’s fashion. Although Evan pointed out that it was “digitized paintball” when he did our PUBG review. Which doesn’t sound fashion friendly.

PUBG has been on our list of best PC games for a long time, but has been dethroned in recent years by games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone. Morgan Park went back and checked out the PUBG: BG scene too recently, but wasn't very interested in it after all these years. Not very fashionable either.

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