John Romero is making Sigil 2, but this time using Doom 2

John romero is making sigil 2, but this time using doom 2

Doom creator John Romero returns to Doom with a sequel to his 2019 Sigil expansion model. The proper name Sigil 2 will be released for Doom 2, taking a proper step forward along the timeline of Doom Doom until the next game. Sigil 2 doesn't have a release date yet, and it hasn't developed much either, but I wouldn't despair of ever seeing it. Romero has been playing games most of his life. It would be crazy to stop now.

The original Stealth was a huge unofficial expansion for Doom, like many before, except that it had the distinction of being made by one of the main guys who made Doom. What does he do, I don’t know, officially unofficial? Not officially official? You can read a nice breakdown of Stealth here at PC Gamer by Jeremy Peel, which they really liked. “There’s the feeling that Romero has fun with the tools, explores ideas, and develops topics,” he said at the time.

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