JRPG fans are excited about a new English translation of a game & # 39; Trails & # 39; unpublished in the west

Jrpg fans are excited about a new english translation of a game & # 39; trails & # 39; unpublished in the west

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Ten years after its release in Japan, Nihon Falcom RPG The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki receives an English translation from a highly respected fan translation group called Geofront. The translation, published under the English title Trails to Azure, has been created for years finally releasing on Saturday, May 22nd.

"I would like to think that after more than a year of tireless work, we have successfully made my favorite game of justice of all time," wrote lead editor Scott. "I truly believe that we have left no stone unturned in the location of Azure. This is our love letter not only to the Trails series, but to our predecessors who located these games in front of us and those who they will continue to locate them after us. "

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