Kaspersky blocked 5.8M malware attacks "disguised as popular PC games" last year

Kaspersky blocked 5. 8m malware attacks "disguised as popular pc games" last year

Disguising malware as a legitimate program is a trick as old as malware itself, and as more people stay home and play games, game-related cyber threats increase. In less than a year (the last nine months), Kaspersky says it has detected and blocked more than 5.8 million malware attacks and other "unwanted programs" posing as Popular PCs.

Mobile gaming also experienced a sharp increase in game-related threats as the pandemic began to unfold. Kaspersky, creators of one of the best antivirus for PC games, decided to audit malware threats aimed at PC and mobile gamers and found that the attacks disguised as the 24 most popular PC games and the top ten titles for PC games. mobiles "fired with the introduction of locks." last year.

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