Kinguin goes back and deletes the Frostpunk 2 backup key list

Kinguin goes back and deletes the frostpunk 2 backup key list

Last week, 11 Bit Studios called Kinguin game key reseller – harshly – to sell "preorder Steam CD keys" for Frostpunk 2. The complaint arose from the fact that Frostpunk 2, which was only announced two weeks ago, it has no release date, age rating or even an official price. "They're selling something that doesn't exist," the study said.

In response, Kinguin apologized for including "unconfirmed information" in the listing – he did not clarify what that content was, but 11 Bit Studios said the listing contained a PEGI rating that had not actually been established. but refused to remove it. Instead, he removed these details "and made it clear to everyone who visited our site that the game is only available for pre-order."

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