Knockout City falls, dives and dodges 5 million players

Knockout city falls, dives and dodges 5 million players

I’m not sure anyone expected Knockout City to be a success. But here we are, five million players later, just days after learning that EA plans to keep the ball rolling with a permanently expanded free trial.

EA set the new milestone in a new one blog post, sharing that Knockout City hit 5 million milestones 2 weeks after launch, and only 10 days after surpassing 2 million. Although no details are detailed, the message also notes that more than half a million knockouts have been recorded, while the game has been broadcast for "millions" of hours.

That's not too bad for a game that seemed dangerously close to going to Rocket Arena. But between the cross game at the launch and the Free 10-day trial, EA seemed willing to give Knockout City the best chance to stay. While there was concern that the player base might close when these 10 days are over, EA last week indefinitely extended the free trial of the game. You will now be able to play up to the 25th ranking before you are asked to pay.

With all this in mind, it looks like Knockout City will hold on for a while. Good stuff too, considering Morgan named the 3v3 dodgebrawler one of the best games of the year so far in our Knockout City review.

"I'm infinitely impressed by the careful consideration you've had of turning a hobby into a playground ignored primarily by video games into a rich competitive game. There's nothing quite like it, so you should do it for free. while you can. "

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