Konami makes an anime, Among Us and Sherlock Holmes in a new mystery multiplayer assassination

Konami makes an anime, among us and sherlock holmes in a new mystery multiplayer assassination

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHlDWkCzLZg [/ embed]

There are few fictional rivalries more famous than that of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his equally brilliant enemy Moriarty. CrimeSight, a new social deduction game in development at Konami, will resurrect its long-running story, with an unusual twist on science fiction.

CrimeSight is set in London in 2075, a time when crime worldwide has been reduced by 90% thanks to data collection and analysis software that can predict most criminal activity before it occurs. But this peaceful future takes a dark turn when the program predicts a crime that will come so hateful that it will threaten the entire planet. In response, its creators do the obvious and develop a new AI with a single purpose: to investigate and prevent this terrible event.

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