League of Legends launches a virtual heavy metal concert

League of legends launches a virtual heavy metal concert

League of Legends holds a virtual heavy metal concert with one of their game bands.

Pentakill was one of Riot's first forays into the League's music universe in 2014: a heavy metal band with all members in the game. With big names from Nine Inch Nails and Dragonforce behind them, Pentakill gained momentum when their debut EP Smile and Ignite topped the iTunes metal charts. In 2017 the full album Grasp of the Undying was released, which also came out pretty damn good.

With a small teaser for another album in 2019, it has since been pretty quiet for Pentakill. Riot has been exploring the world of hip-hop and K-Pop with True Damage and K / DA popularity, but it looks like it will be ready to dive into some heavy riffs and deafening drums. A new teaser for the third album was released on Twitter last week and now a virtual concert next door has been announced.

Everything is presented as a “virtual experience,” with attendees who can chat with other attendees and make decisions that can influence the direction the concert will take. It will last approximately one hour with a half-hour presentation, which will allow players to tour the entire album.

While Riot is not exactly a stranger to launching his virtual bands in live performances – both K / DA and True Damage have performed at the opening ceremony of the Worlds – it is the first time he does a dedicated concert in all rule. It will be interesting to compare it to the numerous performances in the Fortnite game, especially with Epic raking in big names like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott.

The Pentakill Virtual Concert: Lost Chapter is happening September 8 a 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST. You can retrieve the interactive version ona.rellotgeor watch a live stream on YouTube or Twitch.

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