Life is Strange: True Colors allows you to join LARP sessions and play arcade games

Life is strange: true colors allows you to join larp sessions and play arcade games [/ embed]

Anyone who has played the first life is strange will know intimately Arcadia Bay, a small town in the Midwestern United States that is a character in history like any of the people you know. Life is Strange: True Colors seems to be trying to create a similar experience with Haven Springs, a small town in midwestern America. A new promotional video now wants to show that the little one doesn’t have to mean asleep. Steph Gringrich, who is one of the protagonists of True Colors, will take you on a tour of the "small town with a big heart."

Aside from talking about the seriously fictional setting, Steph promotes the highlights of Haven Springs like … a bar with a music box! An ice cream parlor! At the bar, entertainment options include several fully functional slot machines and a table football, and Steph also takes time to talk about the LARPing sessions he conducts.

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