Linking Valorant's League of Legends adds a gigantic spectral sword

Linking valorant's league of legends adds a gigantic spectral sword

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The next major League of Legends event, Sentinels of the Light, kicks off on July 8 and features new champion Akshan along with lots of themed skins around the biggest Ruination of Runeterra story. And as part of that, for the first time, Riot is "collaborating" with himself, having a lot of cross-elements in a new Valorant update.

Valorant’s ‘Ruination’ skins are based on League of Legends and, as you can see in the previous Youtuber Hitscan video, there are many mystical gems and mists. There is a ghost, a guardian, a ghost, a ghost, and most of all, a melee weapon that will be familiar to LoL's bosses: the ruined king's blade.

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