Little Nighters is free to save this weekend

Little nighters is free to save this weekend

You may be used to spectacular sales on Steam, but it’s always fun to see a flat at 100% off. Until tomorrow afternoon you can get horror platforms Little nightmares free to save.

Little Nightmares is a 3D side scroller where you play as a little girl named Six, who tries to navigate her distressing Maw. In his review, Samuel Roberts found it "Constantly tense, atmospheric and disgusting", which are all the things you want to associate with a safe environment so that a young child can play and / or be murdered.

The game recently had a sequel, which is why it is now being promoted. Little nightmares 2 came out in February of this year and Stacey Henley described it as “The dream of a horror fan comes true.”He stays with the same style of platform game, but this time as a little boy named Mono, which frankly makes me worried about Six’s fate. At this rate, it will be me who will have nightmares and I have not even played these games.

You can get it Little nightmares for free on Steam until tomorrow at 17:00 UTC. It's also not the only free game this weekend, like Steam celebrates its open world sale alongside the free RTS Company of Heroes 2.

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