Logitech's lightweight, rugged G Pro wireless gaming mouse is on sale for $ 92

Logitech's lightweight, rugged g pro wireless gaming mouse is on sale for $ 92

If you asked us to choose the best gaming mouse in wireless territory for less than $ 100, right now our selection would be the Logitech G Pro. It tastes great, including a true ambidextrous design with optional thumb buttons on either side, and is turned on sold for $ 91.99 on Amazon.

That’s $ 38 below its list price. In addition to being ambidextrous (there are button caps to hide the set of thumb buttons you don’t use), it’s a lightweight rodent that weighs just 81 grams, a feature that doesn’t cost durability; -quality materials and has survived several hard falls from our desk.

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A lightweight and durable wireless gaming mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse | $ 129.99 $ 91.99 on Amazon (save $ 38)
This is one of our favorite gaming mice and, for good reason, is responsive, lightweight, durable and can accommodate left and right players.See offer

Logitech equips the G Pro wirelessly with its excellent Hero optical sensor. This is an updated version and the most advanced sensor from Logitech to date, with a sensitivity of 25,600 DPI, much higher than required for a competitive game, and a report speed of 1 ms from its wireless connection of 2.4 G.

Technically, this mouse offers eight programmable buttons, although two of these end up being thumb buttons on the opposite side of the thumb, depending on the hand you use. So you really get six really usable programmable buttons.

Other features include some RGB lighting, a mechanical button tension system, on-board memory to save up to five profiles directly to the mouse and up to 60 hours of battery life per charge (48 hours with profile default lighting).

What about the Logitech G502 Lightspeed? This is still the the best mouse for wireless gaming, although it is designed specifically for right-handed players. If you are interested in this, it is activated sold for $ 119.99 on Amazon (less than $ 149.99).

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