Looks like your Steam Deck might arrive sooner rather than later

Steam deck reservations are already on ebay for absolutely stupid prices

There is a possibility that if you have booked a 512 GB Steam Deck at launch, the device may land in your hands earlier than expected. In fact, it could be sent up to three months earlier than what could currently be indicated on the booking sheet.

Now, before you get it too Excited about this, it’s worth noting that we’re still talking about spending almost a year before having a sweet, sweet PC game on hand. But the fact that Valve has achieved the expected availability of one of its SKUs is still a positive turn of events.

Return when the Steam Deck reservations started working for the first time, in addition to blocking some people with long-term Steam accounts for being too new and servers that had a gentle decline under high demand, the high-end version of Steam Deck saw its availability change from the first quarter of 2022 to the third quarter of 2022 in no time.

His ETA remained there until yesterday. While we casually checked the painful availability situation we had in the U.S. and the UK during one of our PC Gamer intercontinental meetings, we saw that I was really looking better. Potentially a whole better quarter, which basically means shipping up to three months in advance.

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At least for this SKU; both the 64GB eMMC and 256GB SSD versions are still sitting at the same level as Q2 2022 they have been since the bookings really started.

So what happened to make the 512GB Steam Deck available sooner? There are some potential options I can see. The first is the most boring and is a simple miscalculation on behalf of the reservation system itself. Perhaps he gave a too conservative estimate to potential buyers of the great ox Deck, and since then he has reconsidered, thinking that they will accompany you more quickly.

Another option is for Valve to underestimate the popularity of the top SKU and had previously allocated its production capacity to the two lower-end decks. And now, by more evenly distributing the manufacturing supply chain among the three SKUs, it has unlocked more potential 512GB versions that will be shipped sooner.

The last option is for Valve to somehow manage, in the midst of a global chip shortage, to increase its manufacturing orders to supply more hardware and simply manufacture more platforms. We have contacted Valve to see if we can get an idea of ​​why this happy situation has arisen and we will keep you updated.

Whatever your truth, the net result is the same: you may end up getting the high-end Steam Deck you set your heart on before you thought. How lucky.

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