LucasArts' best game, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, somehow works incredibly well as an FPS

Lucasarts' best game, zombies ate my neighbors, somehow works incredibly well as an fps

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Folk touched the golden age of LucasArts, as all it did were text adventures (and yes, they are amazing). But one of the things about this particular incarnation of the studio of the 80s / 90s was that it did not feel like an addendum to the "real" business of LucasFilm, but that an independent entity allowed to create their own characters and universes and make the games the way their designers thought. It developed some weird Star Wars games (and in general they were fantastic too), but it wasn’t a Star Wars factory.

Probably my favorite LucasArt game, sorry for the fans, is Zombies Ate My Neighbors. This 1993 title was a top-down co-op action game, released on Super Nintendo and Mega Drive / Genesis, with some of the best pixels you’ve ever seen and an irresistibly fast pace. It's about jumping around the levels as fast as possible, catching neighbors to save them from enemies (who will kill them if they touch each other, at which point a sad ghost floats up), dodging the bad guys, and grabbing house weapons. The music, the climbing, the constant references to horror and the sense of humor are unique and, to me, it’s one of the real gems of the 16-bit age.

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