Mad Catz made an ambidextrous mouse "inspired by spaceships and batmobiles"

Mad catz made an ambidextrous mouse "inspired by spaceships and batmobiles"

There aren't too many gaming mouse models inspired by Bruce Wayne's deceptive Batmobile. And by “not many” I really mean just one, of which I am aware: this would be the B.A.T. More than 6 years of Mad Catz, an ambidextrous rodent with some interesting features and a strange marketing.

"The design guidelines for BAT 6+ were inspired by spaceships, hyperloads, and robe vehicles. The design of the side vents was obtained from the faster hypercar. This design prevents the player's hands from overheating. for long hours of play, ”explains Mad Catz.

Don't you hate it when your hands warm up and close while you play? I’ve never experienced it, but I imagine it would be very frustrating if it had happened. Thanks to Zeus, there is now a mouse that will avoid such a thing.

(Image credit: Mad Catz)

Ventilation openings are not the only part of this mouse that is inspired by spaceships and motorcycles.

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