Magic: The Gathering's school of magicians, Strixhaven, arrives at D&D

Magic: the gathering's school of magicians, strixhaven, arrives at d&d

D&D establishing the forgotten realms came to Magic: The Gathering recently, but crossovers going in the other direction are more common. Publisher Wizards of the Coast has already published several supplements that introduce Magic-based material as part of the 5th edition of D&D, and the next is based on the Strixhaven College of Magicians, which was the theme of the Magic card set. of April.

Strixhaven: A resume of chaos has location information, a magical university you can enter into an existing D&D world, plus four scenarios that can be combined into a multi-year campaign in which players start as first-year first-year students and open up way. Includes rules for playing the owl (yes, owl), various new spells, magic items, feats and backgrounds, as well as over 40 magical creatures and NPCs. The idea of ​​running a campaign where everyone is a magical college-age user sounds like a riot, though I suspect it will also contain options for broader character concepts.

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