Marvel & # 39; s Avengers shows signs of life, as War for Wakanda dates from mid-August

Marvel & # 39; s avengers shows signs of life, as war for wakanda dates from mid-august [/ embed]

Last weekend Marvel's Avengers had a free weekend and took the opportunity to announce a release date for their latest expansion Black Panther: War for Wakanda. The expansion will be released on August 17, while the War Table for Expansion will be launched a day earlier, on August 16.

War for Wakanda is eagerly awaited by fans, not only because Black Panther is great and many people enjoy the movies, but also because the expansion promises to add "more content to Marvel & # 39; s Avengers since the release of game ", according to the announcement in Crystal Dynamics blog. The blog also promises an in-game event that will coincide with the launch of the expansion and will be added to the global building in general. War for Wakanda is a free expansion that adds location to the game, including Black Panther as a playable hero and Klaw as a central villain, along with new plots, missions, advanced, and costumes.

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