Marvel's Midnight Suns is partly a card game

Marvel's midnight suns is partly a card game

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When it announced the Marvel RPG Midnight Suns tactic last week, Firaxis told us that its turn-based combat would be "completely different" from XCOM's. I really should have known what would come here in 2021, when Slay the Spire’s status as a harbinger of a roofing construction boom was consolidated. As the Midnight Suns game trailer reveals, the cards are a key part of the RPG’s tactical superhero combat.

It still looks like XCOM, with slightly soft-looking scenes and characters posing, waiting for instructions. But the camera has a sharper angle, and instead of action buttons, there's a row of cards at the bottom of the screen. These skills will be dealt from a fight at the beginning of the fight and will perform basic sound attacks such as "Slash" and "Whip" along with dramatic moves that will trigger great JRPG-style animations.

It looks quite like JRPG at times, in fact, with the heroes and enemies sometimes facing each other in lines: the slow construction of certain XCOM scenarios, where soldiers move quietly to a spread deck formation, doesn’t appear to be present. Heroes can move around in 3D areas, but positioning and coverage don’t seem to be as serious a consideration as they are at XCOM, even though environmental killings come into play, such as pushing a boy from the skyscraper.

The trailer also covers the other half of the game, which takes place in The Abbey, the base of the superhero crew and the meeting place, where you can create and update cards and chat with characters like Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Nico Minoru, and Captain Marvel (here is the full list of confirmed the heroes of Marvel's Midnight Suns).

There’s no “romance,” but as a new customizable hero named The Hunter, you can become “very” good friends with other Marvel heroes and let your imagination do the rest, says designer Jake Solomon. (I'm not sure Marvel would have opted for Mass Effect-style sex scenes, but it's clear that fans wanted to know). Building these friendships is another way to unlock new cards.

My article from last week provides a more complete picture of what Marvel & # 39; s Midnight Suns is all about. Then there’s another shorter game trailer as well. Midnight Suns is slated for release in March 2022.

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