Mass Effect: Legendary Edition reaches Steam's top simultaneous players for a BioWare game

Mass effect: legendary edition reaches steam's top simultaneous players for a bioware game

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was released on Friday and Steam numbers suggest it has had a pretty successful release weekend.

The remastered trilogy is the first game of trends SteamDB right now, reaching the maximum number of simultaneous players of 59,817 on Sunday. As the industry analyst pointed out @BenjiSales on Twitter, it marks the highest simultaneous players on Steam for any BioWare game. It is also the second highest number of simultaneous players of any EA game on Steam, surpassed only by Apex Legends.

While the numbers represent a hit for BioWare, the reviews were average on release day. The most cited technical problems, as well as the flagrant absence of a FOV slider. Reviews have soared to a "very positive" rating now, as modders are already debuting to save the day with a FOV solution.

We’ve had a bit of a drought when it comes to big releases this year, so it’s no wonder we see the trilogy doing numbers. Resident Evil Village also had an incredible release earlier this month, breaking 100,000 simultaneous players and being the highest peak of a Resident Evil PC game.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition contains all three games and all the DLC from the original releases, minus the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3. However, according to project director Mac Walters, we may see multiplayer in the future.

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