Mass Effect: Legendary Edition removed the basic Paragon Shepards

Mass effect: legendary edition removed the basic paragon shepards

There’s no trial, mostly because all of this data comes without any supporting information, but the basic Shepards are in full force in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, according to player statistics released by BioWare. There’s no way to know how many players are in their first race or fortnight, so I’ll ignore the lack of context and continue with psychoanalysis anyway.

Delivery via a very nice infographic, we now know that the second major run of the Mass Effect trilogy produced an astonishing number of vanilla games, with 40% of players bored and confused as to choosing the soldier class, a weapon specialization role that can’t use biotic or technological skills. , also known as the most interesting skills. No judgments! Almost two-thirds of the players did not want to be a space wizard and it's okay. Just an observation.

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Despite all the anti-Ashley sentiment that gained momentum over the years, 60% of players maintained their stance as baby muppets and let her live on Kaidan. 94% followed the path of ignorant happiness to make sure Wrex survived Virmire’s mission, because Wrex is very kind or the player base is afraid of its consequences, I’m not sure. There is no judgment in any case, of course. Is that sometimes painful decisions lead to more interesting role-playing game results. Simply examining geography.

93% of the players are cartoon cowards, lined up with Queen Rachni despite her space police role. 96% of the players rejected a much needed bath of misery (they build character!) And cured the genophagus and, hey, it’s another overwhelming majority, 96% pardoned Tali. Apparently, there is no suffering in space. Again, I have to stress how little judgment they employ. I am nothing more than a humble scientist, observing and interpreting cold, hard, and tasteless facts.

Still, there are some advances to highlight here. Shepard’s gender choice is not evenly divided, but there are more players who choose female Shepard than in the past, at least based on an infographic produced by BioWare after the release of Mass Effect 3 in 2012. 82% of gamers were saving the galaxy as a boy at the time, but the trilogy remaster has 32% improved playing as a female Shepard. The more people testify to Jennifer Hale's excellent performance, the better.

The most alarming thing is how Shepards misleads diplomacy in general, but a whopping 68% of players still punched the journalist. I find it an overwhelming reaction that makes someone do their job, even for a good chunk of the nice Shepards, quite annoying, if only because I’m a person who asks people questions regularly as part of the job. . Do 68% of the most demanding kids want to punch me? But why ?! I am very friendly and without judgment.

Okay, the template is over. I’m a Mass Effect bully, but I guess I get it. I have a hard time resisting playing as a nice guy for the first time in most of my role-playing games, and the Legendary Edition certainly attracted a lot of first-time players. The old-fashioned Paragon / Renegade framework doesn't help players make interesting decisions either. Making everything so good, bad, or unpleasantly centrist is not the way for role-playing games. However, the genre has learned a lot from the mistakes of Mass Effect in the last decade. So, bottom line is that I'm really looking forward to it.

Without Evil Shepard’s cracked, bright red scars or Paragon Shepard’s gallant space gallery, I’m not sure role-playing games would have returned to subtlety in recent years. Here we hope that the next one for Mass Effect is more Disco Elysium than red-and-blue dialogue wheel. If not, the infographics are doomed.

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