Mass Effect voice sharing joins BioWare developers for a great online meeting

Mass effect voice sharing joins bioware developers for a great online meeting

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To celebrate today’s release of the great Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, members of the voice cast, including Commanders Shepard, Mordin Solus, Liara and Legion, are meeting with the developers for a large meeting that will be played live to Jennifer Hale's YouTube channel.

Hale is the voice of female Commander Shepard and will of course be at the meeting, as will her male counterpart Mark Meer. Other attending cast members are:

  • Fred Tatasciore – Saren
  • Raphael Sbarge – Kaidan Alenko
  • Ali Hillis – Liara T & # 39; soni
  • Courtenay Kellen Taylor – Jack
  • Keythe Farley – Thane Krios
  • Steve Blum – Grunt
  • Alix Wilton Regan – Samantha Traynor
  • DC Douglas – Legion
  • Kimberly D. Brooks – Ashley Williams
  • William Salyers – Mordin Solus

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