Matt Hancock's office's Engine Engine recreation is quickly spiraling out of control

Matt hancock's office's engine engine recreation is quickly spiraling out of control

It is said that you cannot go to London for more than five minutes without tripping over a Pret a Manger. This also applies to Dan Douglas ’facsimile Build Engine in the English capital, which features some of the most obsessively mundane recreations of British chain stores I’ve seen since someone put a Greggs in Far Cry 5.

Late last month, avid Twitter user Douglas began a modest project. Using the Build Engine (the tool used to power 3D Realms games like Duke Nukem 3D in the 1990s), he would recreate the office where UK Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock was trapped. violating coveted restrictions by cheating on his wife. Very current, very good things.

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