Metro Exodus now has PC support for the DualSense drivers for the PS5

Metro exodus now has pc support for the dualsense drivers for the ps5

You can now use the PS5 DualSense driver on your PC a lot more than before, thanks to Metro Exodus developers at 4A Games. The PS5 controller has been working on Steam for over a few months, but making haptics work hasn’t been at the top of many developer lists; it is likely that the number of PC players with a connected haptic controller is still quite low.

But after a recent overhaul, the haptics are activated for Metro players, with full feedback and adaptive DualSense activators on the screen. It’s unclear if Metro Exodus is the first PC game to launch PS5 controller haptics, but it’s certainly the first high-profile game to do so.

We like the DualSense driver here when we reviewed the PS5 from the point of view of a PC player. However, others of us are skeptical when it comes to investing money in a driver that will fail long, long before a comparable keyboard and mouse do, but sleek haptics could change that view.

Here’s a video of the haptics in action published by Twitter user Donny. It looks like this video appeared first a ResetEra.

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