Microsoft expels incompatible computers from the Windows 11 Insider program

Microsoft confirms that windows 11 will be a free upgrade for windows 10 licensed users

Microsoft has decided that now is the time to boot incompatible computers from the Windows 11 Insider program. The company had previously allowed machines that did not meet its strict requirements for the next operating system to run them in testing, but it has now been announced that it is nearing completion.

Microsoft has received some criticism for its strict Windows 11 system requirements. No more and no less, as Wes Fenlon recently posed the question "How the hell is Microsoft already damaging Windows 11?"

Microsoft is determined to stay on the list of compatible CPUs, however. This means that most CPUs older than AMD's Ryzen 2000 series or Intel's 8th generation will not be able to run as expected with Windows 11 installed.

However, incompatible machines have so far been able to run Windows 11 as part of the Insider program.

But soon it will no longer be so. Some users already report that they can't sign up for the Insider program on incompatible machines, as BetaWiki points out on Twitter, and it looks like everyone will soon.

Microsoft will now recommend that users install Windows 10 on incompatible computers.

So if you run out of a compatible PC during a chip shortage (ideal for that, eh?), You can still download Windows 11 ISO and install it from there. This is a bit dangerous, however, as Microsoft has confirmed that these ISO installations will not receive major updates, including security updates.

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