Microsoft is setting an end date for Windows 10 support as Windows 11 approaches

Microsoft is setting an end date for windows 10 support as windows 11 approaches

Nothing lasts forever. Not even Windows 10, which was originally announced as the latest version of Windows ever, with biannual feature updates to keep it fresh and relevant. Now, as Microsoft prepares to unveil the "next generation of Windows," it has set an end date for Windows 10 Pro and Home support: October 14, 2025.

The “retirement date” is clearly defined in a document official Microsoft document (via Nordic hardware) which has recently been updated. It indicates when the support for various versions will end, such as the current version (21H1), which will be supported until December 13, 2022. The end of the road for Windows 10 in general, however, will be here in just over four years.

"Microsoft will continue to support at least one half-yearly Windows 10 channel until October 14, 2025," the document states.

This seems to confirm that Microsoft will introduce a new version of Windows. It could be called (and probably will be) Windows 11, or maybe just Windows or something.

"We will soon share one of the most important Windows updates of the last decade to open up more economic opportunity for developers and creators," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during the company's Build conference last month. .

If this ad isn't Windows 11, chances are that Microsoft is reviewing Windows 10, which is often rumored Sun Valley Update. With Windows 10 now having a retirement date, it’s less likely. Previously, Microsoft only listed end dates for support for specific versions of Windows 10 and not the operating system in general.

There have been other suggestions. In addition to Nadella's comments, Microsoft's revealing event on June 24 begins at 11:00 am ET. More evidence can be found on social media: the announcement of the date of revelation on Twitter is accompanied by a updated logo Microsoft posted a post on YouTube with the light that became the number "11" and on YouTube 11 minute video of slow Windows startup sounds over the years.

Today we saw some leaked images that allegedly show the Windows 11 user interface:

Alleged windows 11 beta screenshots

(Image credit: sdra_owen on Baidu)

There are many questions that need to be answered about the following for Windows. Assuming Microsoft releases a new version, will it be a free upgrade from Windows 10? And will this follow a service model with frequent feature updates, or will Microsoft release important news again every few years?

We don’t have answers to these questions yet, but we should be doing the revealing event soon in less than two weeks.

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