Microsoft says "if you're a gamer, Windows 11 is for you"

Microsoft says "if you're a gamer, windows 11 is for you"

Microsoft's Sarah Bond explained why Windows 11 "will offer the best PC gaming experiences to date" during the live broadcast & # 39; s What's Next for Windows & # 39; on Thursday, and expanded that statement into a new blog entry on Bond bases his claim on the three pillars of "superior graphics, incredible speed and an incredible selection of games."

With AutoHDR, a game doesn't even need built-in HDR support to enhance its appearance, DirectStorage brings modern SSD speed to games, and with the full integration of Xbox Games Pass, a whole world of games will be within your reach with Windows 11. Well, if you have a subscription anyway.

The new version of Microsoft's flagship operating system, Windows 11 will be released in time for this year’s holiday. Panos Panoy, head of the product office, said, "If you're a gamer, Windows 11 is for you."

Which may seem a little hyperbolic to me, but we’ll let that happen. He’s excited, he’s great.

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AutoHDR: "top graphics"

AutoHDR was a feature that was introduced in versions of Windows Insider in March of this year. Basically, it adds high dynamic range (HDR) enhancements to a standard dynamic range (SDR) game, as long as it's built with DirectX 11 or higher.

The feature allows a game to represent more brightness levels and more colors than it would, "giving an extra sense of richness and depth to the image."

It's something that was first introduced on Xbox Series X / S consoles and will come directly to Windows 11. Bond demonstrated the effect at stake using Skyrim, so potato-faced peoples can look brighter than ever.

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DirectStorage: "incredible speed"

DirectStorage is another feature introduced with the latest consoles that leverages the power and performance of NVMe SSDs to divert assets directly to the GPU, avoiding possible CPU bottlenecks that would otherwise could occur.

This will only be available in Windows 11, but it means the game worlds can be rendered "at lightning speeds without long loading times."

The Xbox blog post also mentions that Windows 11 “DirectStorage Optimized” computers are configured with the hardware and drivers needed to enable this amazing experience. ”Presumably, this will indicate that if you’re running a Windows 11 computer that doesn’t come with a performance NVMe SSD, you will not gain access to the feature.

We know that DirectStorage will work with PCIe 3.0 SSDs, but not just with the latest PCIe 4.0 drives.

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Xbox Game Pass: "Amazing Selection of Games"

The last piece of the Bond puzzle is the full integration of the Xbox application that comes with Windows 11, and therefore instant access to the Xbox Game Pass library from your PC. Anyway, if you have a subscription.

With Game Pass Ultimate you will also get access to Xbox Cloud Gaming on your PC via the browser, in an almost practical way cap Your Windows 11 PC will be able to play the latest console games.

There are other features that come with Windows 11, such as access to the Android app through the revamped store and a completely new user interface. But it’s the side of games that interests us the most, so we want to see how effective AutoHDR and DirectStorage are for the PC.

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