Microsoft says it has fixed a problem in Windows 10 game mode that "translates to a lower frame rate"

Microsoft says it has fixed a problem in windows 10 game mode that "translates to a lower frame rate"

If you're still having gameplay issues in Windows 10, and in particular stuttering and lower-than-expected frame rates, stay tuned, it's a solution to your PC's problems. Hopefully, anyway. It is worth remembering that it was an earlier Windows update that caused these performance issues on some computers.

Unfortunately, for some unfortunate users, the cumulative update to Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, which was released in April, had a tendency to eliminate frame rates and stutter games, without any obvious rhyme or reason.

Several complaints arose after the release, including a user who said he started seeing "constant stuttering in Doom Eternal" on a PC set up with a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and a GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card.

"I think I also have the same problem. Since yesterday, when I upgraded Windows, my performance on Warzone has gone from 90 fps on average to 75 fps, even falling below 60 fps (V-Sync disabled) ", another user wrote in time.

The good news is that for some people, the issue was resolved with this month's Patch Tuesday update (KB5004327). However, not everyone has been so lucky. As you saw Windows Latest, some Windows 10 users report having the same performance issues even after installing the latest cumulative update, which began rolling out a little over a week ago .

"Again, I still have performance issues in games from KB500842. Someone at Microsoft really has to fix it," one user said. he wrote on Reddit. "The solution is to set your power plan to 'High Performance', but I prefer to stick to the 'balanced' power plan … This is frustrating to deal with."

The same number does not appear to be present in Windows 11, although it is currently only available as a preview. And even when it’s released later this year, it could be argued to avoid the update to see what inevitable wrinkles will still need ironing.

Fortunately, Microsoft believes it has finally found the root cause. Although Microsoft has not delved into the subject, the release notes for a future update of Windows 10 (21H2) features, suggest that a permanent solution be reached.

"We fixed an issue that prevented the power plans and game mode from working as expected. This reduces the frame rate and reduces performance while playing," the note states. of the version.

The caveat is that it could be a few months before the 21H2 update arrives (probably at the same time as Windows 11). It is now also available as a preview for members of the Window Insider program, although Microsoft may download the same solution in the next cumulative update, which arrives on August 10 (the second Tuesday of next month).

In the meantime, there are a couple of possible solutions that you can try if the games don't work properly on your machine. One is to select the high-performance power plan in Windows 10 and wait for the operating system not to ignore your choice. The other is to turn off the game mode. You may be more successful with the latter, as it has been associated with performance issues for over a year.

Beyond these measures, the same general advice applies: make sure you use the latest drivers for your hardware, especially your GPU, and apply the available game patches for titles that fit on your PC. .

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