Minecraft archivists have found their holy grail

Minecraft archivists have found their holy grail

In September 2010, a woman named Luna downloaded the latest version of a standalone game, an alpha called Minecraft, to her laptop. She was excited, so she tweeted about it: "Oooooohhhhhh MineCraft update!" . Who knows if he played it. Now we only know that he downloaded it and did not purge the download folder later.

A decade later, Luna made a group of archivists very happy about one thing: backing up user profiles and saving them before cleaning the laptop. Members of Omniarchive, a group of Internet archivists, have been following the short life of Minecraft Alpha 1.1.1 for some time. Alpha 1.1.1 didn't last long because it had an innovative graphics error. That’s not what archivists care about, though: they want it all. Finding Alpha 1.1.1 was a long-running joke within this Omniarchal community because it was only available for download three and a half hours. It seemed unlikely that, after years of research, it would ever appear.

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