Minecraft Speedrunner Dream admits to accidentally cheating on a log

Minecraft speedrunner dream admits to accidentally cheating on a log

Dream is a very popular YouTuber and Minecraft speedrunner. After a year-long break in 2020, which saw the number of subscribers grow by 12 million between January and November, it now has close to 23 million subscribers in YouTube and 1.5 million followers a Twitter. However, he ran into some problems in late 2020, after some viewers began to suspect that he was somehow cheating on his recording speeds.

The legitimacy of the races was questioned due to the unusually high drop rates of two key elements in the Dream streams, ender pearls and fiery rods, with which speedrunners rely to get to the end of the game as quickly as possible. possible. Here we have a good explainer, but the short version is that Dream seemed to be very lucky preternataturally in acquiring them. Therefore, the moderators of speedrun.com analyzed six of Dream's Speedrun streams and found that the odds of getting these drops were "unfathomably small" 1 in 177 billion. Yes, a billion.

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