Modder lets Lady Dimitrescu of Resident Evil Village face Lady Maria of Bloodborne

Modder lets lady dimitrescu of resident evil village face lady maria of bloodborne

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The blood-borne modder, Garden of Eyes, usually only allows Soulsborne bosses to take on each other in mod-to-head mod fights, but the excitement surrounding Resident Evil VillageThe tall lady of the hour, Lady Dimitrescu, seems to have inspired them to make an exception; after all, Lady Maria and Lady Dimitrescu are distinguished ladies with strong arguments. They are also vampires, which is probably the most obvious reason why they appear.

Lady D has her own attack animations, cutting and dicing Maria with her sharp claws, as well as a surprise transformation at the end. These are good things!

However, to keep things fair, Lady Dimitrescu has been reduced to the size of Maria, which of course eliminates one of her favorite points of conversation on the Internet, the fact that she is absolutely huge. Otherwise, it fits in well with the aesthetics of Bloodborne and, of course, a bit underused in their own game, fans would naturally try to make the most of it. If you type "Lady Dimitrescu" into Google, the "Lady Dimitrescu model" is one of the most ranked search terms, which gives you a good idea of ​​what most people do: they want to know who their face model is of course .

The comments on the video are, however, predominantly funny. Of course they are.

(Thanks, Polygon.)

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