My dream monitor is now cheaper for Prime Day than Black Friday

My dream monitor is now cheaper for prime day than black friday

For a while I was on the sky screen with the Samsung CRG9. It is a monitor of many excesses: it is excessively wide, excessively fast and, normally, excessively expensive. However, you can scratch the latter with today's Prime Day deals. This monitor is the cheapest I have ever seen Over $ 899.99 on Amazon—This is even cheaper than it was in the whirlwind of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

I once had this monitor to review and during this time I had a taste of the good life. I could work on two perfectly connected monitors during the day and then switch to an ultrawide (and I mean ultrawide) game monitor for #game nights. I found the CRG9 to be the better of the two worlds.

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