Netflix's new Monster Hunter movie stars a popular NPC

Netflix's new monster hunter movie stars a popular npc

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Netflix will release a Monster Hunter animated film next month, starring a young Ace Cadet.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is the directorial debut of Steven F. Yamamoto, who had already garnered credit for his visual effects work on Transformers, World War Z, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The 3D animated film follows a young Ace Cadet from Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 (you can also recognize him as the Exciteable A-Lister from Monster Hunter: World) as he plans to face an older dragon due to attack your people. MH4U fellow hunter Julius is also here, along with some iconic Monster Hunter characters and dear Palico companions.

It’s a pretty short film, which only lasts 58 minutes. It also relies heavily on the aesthetics of the "old school console", which I find a bit flat. Other fans seem to be digging it out, though, with most of YouTube’s comments about the trailer with a hype in the film. It probably also helps that last year’s live-action Monster Hunter movie wasn’t particularly well received by fans, as YouTube comments show, though our Rich himself ended up enjoying it.

Despite my reservations about the style of animation, I am very excited to see the film. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a damn popular game in the series, with Ace Cadet arguably one of the most interesting NPCs we’ve seen in games. It definitely feels more like Monster Hunter than last year’s Hollywood attempt, at least. Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild hits Netflix on August 12th.

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